Stygian Holding Company, Inc.

Stygian Holding Company is a certified minority-owned, small California business that provides safety equipment, PPE supplies and industrial products  to government, industry, and healthcare markets and customers across the United States.

Strategic Partners

Stygian was founded by J.D. Stewart, who has developed major lines of business for Grainger, SBM, Precision Medical, and other. companies.

Partial Customer List

Government Certifications & Contracts

Partnering with state, Local Government and Corporate Customers to distribute, provide service, and exceed Supplier Diversity Goals.

Strategic Sourcing

  • 20 years international sourcing experience Private Label Services
  • Manufacturing relationships in China, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines
  • International Logistics Capability

Business Continuity

Emergency Hours

When a situation arises after usual business hours, and you need a fast response we are there.

Emergency Support

When and emergency unfolds we mobilize internal and external resource to assist affected areas. Experience in Paradise Fires, Hurricane Rita, H1N1, etc…

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